Chairman’s Message

The prime aim of an ideal educational institution should be developing a child into a well-informed, confident and sensitive citizen. I have realized that quality education and highly productive individuals are the backbone of developed countries; my perception regarding this matter is in connection with the concept of time, which requires a deeper understanding and profound acumen to shine on the horizon of science and technology in this age of globalization.

It requires a high level of desirability with improvising ideas and vast imagination to cope up with the emerging challenges which are complex in nature and hard to implement in practical life. But a timely direction and comprehensive approach devised in handling a child’s overall life is a grave matter to concentrate, and I am determined to achieve it.

My first and foremost objective is to uplift the education and bring more adaptability of New Dreamland School to the International standards and create an excellent environment of learning where we can discern optimism and gradual sail towards betterment. Steady work and strenuous efforts are required to keep a pace with the modern changes. At the same time we should turn our hand to tough working hours so that we can be successful in transmitting a rich culture of education and disciplined life to our descendants. For this colossal task we must keep our self-abreast of modern teaching methodology, incorporating audio visual aids as the essential tools of effective learning. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to announce the commencement of the New Dreamland School website for the benefit of the students and as well as their parents. This initiative will be a positive step towards the progress and development of the school. I applaud this endeavor and congratulate all those who have been a part in making this site possible to see the light of the day.

I heartly invite all the parents and students to take part in this initiative by keeping themselves well connected to the school events and important notices through this platform. This site has been started specifically to inform parents and students about the school activities through the various updates posted from time to time, easily accessible with just a few clicks.

Keeping in mind all promises which I endeavor to make and bear the sense of determination, I hope to have a new arena of learning at our school.